Monday, July 21, 2008

Wishes and Beads!

I love making these shaker cards. I think they are so fun and who wouldn't want to get a card that shakes!! 
We finally found a color for are back fence! It is hard when there are so many colors to choose ron...I guess that will be our project for tomorrow! I have also decided how I want my front garden..when we moved in I had no idea which why I wanted to go with it but I think I am going to go with a English garden or my version of it any way. I will not get it perfect this year but we have all the time in the first purchase will be a lavender. I had one from my Moms garden at my last house ...I couldn't bring it here and I miss it. I do want a whole lot of scent and soft colors. Enough for now.... Thanks for looking!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the beads they add so much to the cards. The colors are fresh as well.