Monday, September 29, 2008

3rd of the bunch

This is the last card of this bunch I will show....We all need Baby cards hanging around just in case... Kathy did a great job with this Fall set. Thanks Kathy for sharing!!! Can't wait for more!! I know you are working on some "man" cards this week so I look forward to seeing those!! We are almost set with our samples of Christmas cards. I will pop them out to all of you who subscribe and to friends and family who want to give special cards to those special people in your life during the Holidays. Let me know if you have something on your mind and we will try to create it for you!! 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Thank You

The 2nd in the trio is this fall Thank you! We love the oval punches and think this set is so handy for all occasions!! The DP is something I now must have....Thank's Kathy more on my list...Oh ya I have a few pages to Order.....Don't forget Michelle is our Consultant so if you need anything in the Lower Mainland send us an email and she will put your order in on the 14th of Oct with ours!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Birthday!

Kathy has made a great trio of fall everyday cards! I will post them over the next few days!! This is the Happy Birthday,...what would we all do without our CB's !! I love the DP and the colors are so great this time of year!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wedding wishes!

Kathy is selling her house and it seem that she is "crazy" creative when she has to stay neat and tidy at her desk!! When I phoned her this morning she said she had a flash of me saying that she was using a certain color too much!! I said if she thought it it was probably true!! Ha ha!! funny how we think when we craft!!! Here is a wedding card she made ...Love this riot of flowers!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is it wrong??

Is is soo wrong to be in love with  a Stampin up Background.....well if it is I don't want to be right!!! I LOVE THIS!!! Michelle is not thinking about baby #3 yet but has made these beautiful baby cards not hard to do but soooo nice!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Get Well Soon

We have a friend that has had a really hard week and Michelle thought that she might need a pick me up card.....Things are good here....Michelle's boys are getting bigger, my girls are getting bigger.... I hate that they grow.... I wish that once you have them you could just keep them so they don't have to grow up......

Saturday, September 20, 2008

settling in..

As the year  ( school, dance, back to work)  starts we all have to adjust.  This year seems a bit harder that the rest but I think we have finally gotten into a routine and are settled in...Thank goodness. That being said I think I will be able to blog nightly again...
I had have more of these fruity ones!! Here they are!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I love these fruits!!!

I just opened this set and OMG!! I know what all those people were talking about....YES! YES! YES! much different than I normally I know that I have said this before...but....I love this and it is my fave set ever!!!!! Ok, Ok, Ok, enough of that....Here are a couple of the cards that I did..I will post the rest tom!!! I would love you to send me your ideas or cards you have done...I need more ideas to keep this set alive!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Birthday wish for a friend

I have an old friend...She is not old...  just a long time friend...That sounds funny but there you go. I don't see her much but I will be going to a party and she will be there so I thought I would make her a card. Funny how people grow and move apart during certain times of their lives. It makes me think that maybe as few more birthdays pass we might connect again. Well there is nothing like a card to mend thing that are cracked or damaged! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to Christmas!!

Ok, finally, we have most of our Christmas sets designed and are almost ready to show the world!! Ok, so all of the people that look here anyway!! We are making a book of the sets we are offering for our sale locations...of course you will be able to have a preview of them as soon as we are 100% done!! I have to make a winter "scene" display to showcase our cards! So exciting to have a place to really shoe what we do!! I will take a pic to show it off! Here are a couple of cards I have been making for the season...I am trying to use the neutrals..I think they work...

Monday, September 15, 2008

#2 for today!!

Ok you might think that Kathy is doing all the cards for the last few weeks but I have done plenty...I am just not going to show you.....Just kidding! 
She is going card happy so I am showing them off!!! Here are a few more from her!!

double post for you...#1

Ok so if you have been following along with us you will be wondering if I survived the night with "my boys" .... I did thank you very much for all your prayers!!! I will even go as far to say I would do it again...Don't tell Michelle or I will have them again sooner than later.....Ok that done we can get back to cards right...
NO.... I will not be posting the cards in the first set I wanted to instead tell you about my cousin ...JT  O ' Sullivan he is the Quarter back for the 49ers...I did post a card awhile back that Kathy made for him ( but he was on a different team then)....We are so proud I thought we should share!!! He is the 1st Quarterback ( that is important to those who follow football) all I know is that it is fun to watch him play !!!! P.s. he is the one being tackled!!
(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What card tonight!!

Ok so no time to post anything....No just kidding!! I say that because I have Michelle's 2 boys over night....for those not up to date they are both under 2 years old!! Yes I know I am BRAVE!!! Thank you for all your support!! So it is going well the baby ( 6 months) is sleeping what if it is in his car seat is sleeping!! The other one( 1 and a  1/2) is watching dora the explorer and is off to bed right after  .... I hope!!! Here are a couple of Kathy's cards....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ohh I love these flowers!!

Oooooh Kathy you are soo good!! I just love these......Getting new stamps just give us a boost of creativity!! I have been working on some Christmas card packs I will post them soon...Great cards Kathy!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

bright and beautiful

Kathy, Michelle and I have been working on lots of Christmas cards...I will post them soon. We have baby shower Invites to do in the next month of so...yep we are busy....Speaking of baby we just learned that my Cousin is going to have a baby boy!! Yep they are popping up all over this family....But.....we all remember about 6 months ago....yep go back in this blog if you forget....we won't be going to buy a bunch of blue yet!! The happy couple will be getting one of those cool 3d ultrasounds...we will know for sure in a couple of months.... I will keep you posted on the baby front and of course we will be doing her announcements so you will be hearing alot about this ""baby boy""!!!! Here are some fun Baby and  Thank you cards we have done!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beautiful Birthday!

Kathy made this card a while ago but I have been holding on to it...I loved the colors that she has used and I don't know if it shows up on the screen but she has layered it and popped it up so high it is fabulous!!! Let us know what you think.....
P.s. have you all seen the 2008 color chart!! Oh yah I love that thing!!! It has all the in colors on it....yep I love Michelle as our demonstrator!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Fall!!

Ok I know I am going backwards...First, I post Christmas , then Halloween, now Fall...I feel like I am jumping all over the place.....but I have so many cards in my head I have to get them all out and this is how I am doing it!! When we were in Vernon I kept thinking of a few cards that I will post tomorrow ....but for now Fall!!!! I was thinking that it is nice to give a card that relates to the season if you want to say Thank you or just to say Hi!! I think it makes the recipient think there was a bit more thought in to it if it fits the time of year...There is nothing worse that getting a thank you in the hot pinks and purples in the warm fall months!!! Ha Ha...I guess I would be happy with what I get.....You get my drift though right!!! Fall is so nice and warm...Here are my cards!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Michelle's Thank you for the Christening....

Michelle's Thank you!!!
I knew I had to show you this... She wanted something simple and elegant yet all boy...I think she nailed it!!! Love it , Love my baby Ryan and Love being the god mother to my boys...all of them...
Of course we are looking forward to our first party with Michelle ..It is coming up quick. Is it wrong that I have a 2 page list of what I want??? I know Kathy and Michelle do as well so...I don't feel so bad...My dear hubby will though...shhhh I won't tell if you don't!! Remember if you need something to let us know and we will get it for you!! I want everyone to be as bad as me!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Happy Couple!

I totally copied this green guy from Roxy 's blog:   Stamping with Roxy  
Thank you Roxy for all your inspired cards...I love your blog. Please visit her blog you will love it.
I fell in love with him and that got me thinking that he needs someone that is his "own kind" to love they are ...The Happy Couple!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Christmas in Sept!!

I know it feels really early to even talk about Christmas...but I will let you know that there are only 110 days left till the big day!!

 Isn't that horrible!!! 

 I had that piece of info and felt that since I knew you all should suffer with it as well!!!  

I feel better now ...How do you feel???

Here is the first Christmas card of the year......

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Michelle is a Stampin'Up Demonstrator!!!

We are all very excited that Michelle is our new Stampin'Up demonstrator!!!! 
That means if there are any of you that need product .....( in our area, Lower mainland of Vancouver)..... Michelle is our girl!!! 
I know what you are thinking...How is she going to have the time??? She is a busy Mommy of two very busy boys.....
She is now going to cut down on everyday making of cards (with Kathy and I) and help us with special orders and doing some designing with us....That means that you will be seeing a few less cards from her but when she does I will make sure to post them...
Our first official " party " or " card club" will be at the beginning of Oct...I will be posting all of her card club cards as well as all the specials she will have for us!!!
 So a Yippee for her and heck a Yippee for us as well ....Imagine having all the stamps I want at my sisters fingertips...That could be bad for my bank account!!!   

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Flower Power!!

We are still in summer ...Right?? Well these cards are. and I have a few more for you in the next few days that will be bright and cheerful as well....I know I am still feeling that way and I have passed it on to Kathy as are a couple of fun everyday cards...Enjoy!!
Opps...I almost forgot.... I have a big announcement for tomorrow.....yep you have to wait!!! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Schools back!!

I has been a couple of days since we got back from a wee holiday and I have Not stopped!!! It has been a crazy weekend and I am happy school is back and maybe things will go back to a dull roar!!!
Ok so we just finished a wonderful order for a lady who works in Real Estate selling nice of her to come to us!! Thanks Lisa we appreciate your business and know you will love your cards.....Here are a couple that we made for her. can't wait to show her our Christmas line!!