Saturday, May 31, 2008

Teacher gifts

I know this is a crazy time with school ending and most of the kids activities ending ...... We thought that we would put out a special for all the parents .... An assorted Thank You pack of 5 cards for $10.00. They are in a cello bag tied with a ribbon.....Let me know how many you need

Birthday invites!!

Ok so my baby is turning 9 and I wanted to made an invite that was special for her we decided to use the seed packs ...we put beans in them because we were told that they grow for sure!!!! She is leaving her school so it may be the last bday with this group of girls!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ok so you all know that I have 4 nephews under the age of 8....ya.... BOYS! Sooo I am trying to be better at boy cards because, I can do flowers like nobody's business but, I have a hard time doing sports!!!! When my sister in law asked me to do the friend invites to Ethan's 8th birthday I said UUUUUMMMM OK!!!! cause I was scared!!! He is not a kid and not quite a big boy yet....Ok so here it is ....I did them with the sporting set from SU and think that I am getting better......go ahead tell me how I am doing!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

May Flowers!!!

I love the Sun!!! I am so glad we have turned the corner here and it finally feels like summer will come! My girls have finished their dance competitions and now we just have recital!! Hailey got gold for the her 3 dances and made it to top 20 in Ballet and Ashleigh made it to the championships with her acro they got a great award and $$ prizes!!! With that she got gold and silver awards for her other dances as well!!! Way to go Girls!!! They are soooo good !!!!!! Kathy is selling her house so she is busy getting it ready for showings and Michelle is back to making cards with us...Yep she has found that extra time in her day!!! I think she has cut out sleep! It is overrated anyway right MOMS!!! We are going to our cousins new house tonight and I thought this card was just right for her since she moved out to our neck of the woods!!!! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My cup of TEA (or Coffee)!

Ok so I love the Latte stamps from SU but I was browsing the net and found these teacups!!! Yep I am a tea grannie and proud of it!!!  

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seed Pack Cards!!

I love these!!! I think I have a new fave! I got these templates from a woman,s blog and you just decorate them on your own...Sorry i didn't write her name down..I will try to find it for anyone who would like to see her stuff!!!

Michelle's Cards

Some beautiful cards Michelle made !! I love these sayings!! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WOW it is mid MAY!

Ok so.... We have been so busy with life I thought that I would bring you all up to date! My girls have been head over heels ( no really) with their dance competitions and recitals is coming so we are getting the last min. details all sorted out!!! That alone keeps us going over here!!! Kathy had her birthday today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! No... I will not tell her age but she is 6 months younger than our dad still!!! I hope that helps MOM!!!! Michelle is busy busy with the boys!!! Yep.... she has her hands full and they are still little ...They are such good boys we are all very lucky!!  Well that is enough for now...I will get those birthday cards up as soon as I take a pic of them!!! 

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mothers Day Cards

Here are some of our Mothers Day cards... The card with the Heart I saw on a blog  and I cased it ( copied )..... sorry I didn't catch who's blog.... but thank you it is beautiful and I think it will be the one I give to Kathy!!! Shhhh don't tell! 


Ok so I am excited that it is Fri!!! I have had a busy week....and just when I think it is over ...... I am doing double duty babysitting!! Well I guess it is my turn now that my girls are "almost" ready to be left alone. So they say. It has been a while since I have written so here is the latest and greatest...Kathy is home from Hawaii and really brown...we hope she fades fast! They sent this picture of a  Hibiscus to us isn't it beautiful?? They picked out some great quilting patterns for me....I have one started and can't wait to get started on more!! Here is the pillow that I have started!! It is a lei ...or will be...I think we will make it into a wall hanging for my youngest! Michellesboys are wonderful and so busy..Ryan thinks he can roll over ...I guess he doesn't know he is just too little and Nathan is 1 1/2 going on 3 . The next few weeks we have all sorts of birthdays and of course Mothers day and I know we will all be spoiled by our kids!! I will post some "M"day cards asap for those who are just beginning to think about it....