Monday, May 26, 2008

May Flowers!!!

I love the Sun!!! I am so glad we have turned the corner here and it finally feels like summer will come! My girls have finished their dance competitions and now we just have recital!! Hailey got gold for the her 3 dances and made it to top 20 in Ballet and Ashleigh made it to the championships with her acro they got a great award and $$ prizes!!! With that she got gold and silver awards for her other dances as well!!! Way to go Girls!!! They are soooo good !!!!!! Kathy is selling her house so she is busy getting it ready for showings and Michelle is back to making cards with us...Yep she has found that extra time in her day!!! I think she has cut out sleep! It is overrated anyway right MOMS!!! We are going to our cousins new house tonight and I thought this card was just right for her since she moved out to our neck of the woods!!!! 

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