Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Fall!!

Ok I know I am going backwards...First, I post Christmas , then Halloween, now Fall...I feel like I am jumping all over the place.....but I have so many cards in my head I have to get them all out and this is how I am doing it!! When we were in Vernon I kept thinking of a few cards that I will post tomorrow ....but for now Fall!!!! I was thinking that it is nice to give a card that relates to the season if you want to say Thank you or just to say Hi!! I think it makes the recipient think there was a bit more thought in to it if it fits the time of year...There is nothing worse that getting a thank you in the hot pinks and purples in the warm fall months!!! Ha Ha...I guess I would be happy with what I get.....You get my drift though right!!! Fall is so nice and warm...Here are my cards!!!

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