Saturday, July 3, 2010

your on my mind...

It has been a crazy start to my month of know one of those months that in time ...maybe a long time...I will look back and laugh about! However it is going to be a good card making month...we have new colors and lots of new stamps to show off!! But for now your on my mind....Thanks for looking.....P.S. does anyone know where summer is??


Janay said...

Debbie, that "thinking of you" greeting card is gorgeous. I don't hand craft cards as much as I used to before I became more adept at computer illustration.

How long have you been making cards and what made you get started?


Debbie Gemmell said...

Janay thank you...I have scrap booked most of my life but my cousin invited us to a stampin up was the beginning of the end for all 3 of us!! Thanks for looking!