Thursday, July 1, 2010

awesome papers...

Have you noticed the totally awesome papers the last ouple of days??? OH YA I got them and I can't get enough of them....I have almost used up my stash so I will have to go to the store..."sigh" is a tough life....but someone has to do it...Heres an update on the family....My girlsare still competing in dance but thankfully classes are over....( we have a bit of time for ourselves) they are of course still in school ( this is the hardest month ). Michelle came back a few days ago ...thankfully .. I hate it when she is gone...However the family is a beautiful golden brown and they keep standing near us whiteys and that is so sad ....Kathy is home today! Again Michelle and I are just not the same without her around....ya we are mamas girls....we will see her tonight and after more than 2 weeks there I just know she will want to sit by me...oh ya she will have a great tan!!! Thats it for now!!! Have a great CANADA DAY!!!

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