Friday, June 6, 2008

My husbands 40th Birthday

Ok so things are a bit crazy this time of year ....have I said that before!!! It is Mikes 40th birthday tomorrow and we are having a family and close friends dinner out. (which is really nice because I don't have to make dinner) This is the card I made him. It is an oldie but I just love the MAN SHIRT! Right after that we have my littlest girls b day and on the same day we have my nephews b day and Fathers day....whew.... I am so excited to see the fun they will have opening all the goodies we have for them...Mike and I seem to give each other a nice trip away for a combined birthday (mine is next month) so this year we are off to Vegas Baby!!!! Yep and we are taking the girls much fun ......7 days in the sun by the pool...what can be better!

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Anonymous said...

Love the man shirt, have fun in Vegas