Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hailey's Birthday

Ok, I told you I would show you the cards we made for Hailey ....Now, I said before that any occasions that we make cards sometimes becomes a bit more about that exception here however..... the last dinner we had with friends  (Mikes Birthday)  we all had our cards out and were showing them off ... one of our closest friends ( no names you know who your are) didn't bring a card. I have to say that they are generally a No Card family and this is been for years and years. I think we might have put the pressure on a bit for them to start making cards so they could show off like we do because..... for Hailey's Birthday this family stepped it up!! Oh ya I think they are going to come to all our parties just so they can bring a card!!! I loved it so much I told them I was going to blog it!! So here are the pics enjoy ...Again no names....Thanks

I will tell you Kathy did the dog and that soooo cute it love it love it.. 
I will take credit for the butterfly.....
and the so cute purses are Doreen's ....Love them...I don't know if you can see the little jewels on them but it just adds that little something!!! 

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Anonymous said...

the punch cards are fun