Thursday, December 8, 2011

a bit girly...

These Greeting Farm girls are old faves! They bring back so many memories for me! And yet they are as cute as the day I got them!! Thanks for looking! It was brought to my attention this morning ( by someone who didn't leave me their name or contact info) that we don't know how to make a bow....What the What!! Ya she said it.. and even gave a website for me to learn how.... well.... Madame....for the most part we choose not to bow our ribbons... not because we don't know how ... but  as a courtesy  our clients who send our cards through the mail ( so they don't get charged the extra postage ) thank you for your concern on our crafting skills!!! 
Ok, Ok.... back to our cards... So CUTE right!!!! Thanks for looking and letting me spout off!! Have a great day!!

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Anonymous said...

you tell her, I love your cards just the way they are and I appreciate not paying more in stamps!!!!! Long time customer and lover of your work!