Wednesday, June 2, 2010

shhh don't tell...

Ok so Kathy phoned me and wanted cards...I told her over and over again I didn't have them...did I say over and over again...just so we are clear I said I didn't have them and she was going nutso! got it....Ok so here is one of those cards which I just took a pic of you ask?? Yep it is at my house just where she told me it was...ya sooooo OPPS!! Sorry Mommy! But I am so glad I have them cause now I can share them! Now lets see if she reads this cause I am not going to tell her!!! Hee Hee!!!
Now on to the card...are you kidding me super fantastic is it?? Kathy got this stamp on one of her trips to the USA....Oh ya....B-E-A-UTIFUL!!! just when it can't get cuter...she adds glitter! That is my Mom!!

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