Tuesday, April 6, 2010

three peas in a pod

Well three pods I guess...boy, girl and unknown!!! I have no idea where this stamp came from but I am glad Michelle brought it back to the mix! I am so happy that we had a beautiful day yesterday for the easter hunt and dinner was supper yummy! The best part is my house is still sparkling clean!! My girls are off school for the month and we have the next week before their dance competitions start so we are on relax and hang out mode! Michelle has a sick little boy who I guess has been holding on to this virus for over a month now...he just can't shake it! Poor little guy is on round 2 of some super medicine...Hope it works quick I know Michelle needs it to be over!! Kathy just got back from California early last week and some time soon we have to clean up her craft closet...we have put it off for a few weeks now!!! I don't think she will let us get away with it for much longer!!! Now you are all up to date!! Thanks for looking!

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