Thursday, December 31, 2009

The "Mans" birthday cards!!

Well it must be disappointing for my dad to have opened his presents this year..I don't think that he really thought we would plan another trip to Disneyland and I really think that he loved the speakers that he got! But it must be a bummer not to have plans to go away!! I don't think Kathy will go to long with out a vacation!! My dad is however looking forward to a couple of surgeries coming up in the beginning out the year!! That will be so good for him and...of course will give us a chance to make some get well soon cards!!! Is it wrong to think that way?? I am going to turn over a new leaf next year sooo...I will be posting Kathy's card first!!! See change can happen!! These are both made by Kathy...Of course the deer is Hers to her wonderful Hubby and she made the other for my brother and family to give Dad.... Kathy got a fistfull of copics for Xmas and she is putting them to good use!!! Love to coloring of the deer!

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