Wednesday, June 3, 2009

very fishy

My my I have been busy...we all have....Michelle has been working on fathers day cards like a mad woman and has taken to running daily ( yes in this heat)...Kathy is in New york....yes she is away again....and yes we are bitter.....yes we are having my Dad over for dinner a lot while she is away!!! I just finished with the girls dance recital...I am sooooo PROUD of both of them!!! They worked hard and loved every minute! We loved it as well! and with all that I have made some really cute cards...or so I think! This is for my Dad for Fathers day. He is a fisherman and hunter but I wanted it to be a bit whimsical and fun for him. I did a gel card I saw the tech on SCS....I think it is going to be a hit! What do you think ...have you tried to do this..I didn't have all the required materials so I used a clear envelope to hold the gel. It has held up just great!

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