Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting back on the card to speak

Ok, so the past couple of weeks we have been crazy....We have been up in the air and bouncing all over the place...I "had" to jump right back into crafting... you know... it is so hard when you keep looking at your craft area and you know all it will take is for you to have a few mins and sit down....It was the sitting at my desk that I just didn't (couldn't) do!!! Silly... yes... but that was it for the last while....But here I am and thankfully I have time and the desire to get back in the swing of it...I might have been putting it off because I also had to do some blogging for my Dad and it is hard when you don't know what the heck you are talking about!!! I know way more and I am done ...for now please visit his is in my faves...Castking Furled Leaders.  He was so happy he sent me flowers...yep... a picture over the internet...Thanks Dad!! So here is a couple of the cards I did today I love the Butterfly and I think they are making a comeback...Yep I am way ahead of the crowd!!!

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